Creating has been a part of my life from the beginning and there has never been a time without creative projects. For as long as I can remember, I have developed a love for art and creative work.

I gained the technical and professional basis at the school for arts and applied painting in Innsbruck and have expanded my knowledge in numerous art classes and by working together in various studios with well-known artists.

In my work as a painter and designer, I am able to gain new experiences every day and this continue to develop my skills. Since 2015, as a freelance artist, I have been devoting myself entirely to painting and creative design in my own studio. I live and work as a full-time painter and graphic designer with my husband and my 3 boys in Dornbirn, Vorarlberg and am grateful to be able to do what I love the most.

Solo shows and numerous participation in exhibitions.
Member of the professional association of visual artists in Austria.

THE artistic PROCESS

Inspired by the play between light and shadow, great color combinations, interesting patterns and social interaction, my aim is to abstract these elements and form aesthetic compositions. Whatever the subject, I try to find a balance between realism and loose abstraction. I focus on abstract realistic painting and the human being as subject. It is very important for me to give a positive emotion to the viewer and to give the depicted a strong expression.

At the beginning of each of my artwork there is a kind of inner urge and a desire to devote myself completely to creative work and the creation. I would almost say I'm addicted to the creative flow - this self-forgotten creative state of mind. Painting gives this need the perfect opportunity to develop, to express myself artistically and to develop further.


My art is created at several different nice places of activity.
In my 60 square meter city studio, I love to work freely and wildly.
There is a artistic atmosphere and a wonderful jumble of art materials, works and inspirational things.

In addition, since the beginning of 2023, I have a very fine new art studio at my home. All of my works now are planned and completed in this beautiful new workroom. This is also the place where I get in touch with my zoom class students. In the case of an art purchase with personal pick up by the customer, I'm very happy to meet you there.

I am also a member of the "Druckwerk Lustenau" association.
A wonderful meeting place for creative people. There I can pursue my passion for the art of printing and meet other creatives - sometimes from all over the world.